Guitarist of Black Minou, FFF and the french rock idol Johnny Hallyday, Yarol Poupaud is a French rock star.

He started to play the guitar at 12, and never stopped since even if his talent also made him discover other instruments through times. 

The legend started when Yarol joined FFF in 1987.
Hundreds of tours, many albums, plenty of bands.
Yarol Poupaud was everywhere. He created a Label and started producing.

Since 2012 he his now guitarist and musical director of Johnny Hallyday.
He his also part of the french band Black Minou.
In 2014 Yarol is part of the French music TV show La Nouvelle Star's board of examiners.

In March 2017, while he was rehearsing with FFF at Studio Bleu in Paris, Yarol met up with Vanflet’s founders.
Since then, Yarol has been playing with a Prestige 18W during FFF's summer tour in France and has created, in collaboration with Vanflet, a signature model with just one volume button.

Yarol is now the head ambassador of Team Vanflet, and we are very proud of 
having him in the adventure.

Yarol use Prestige 18W et 45W on stage.  But, our collaboration lead to the creation of a unique amp. A  30W clean combo with only one volume.

Combo Signature Yarol POUPAUD


Innovative Musical Material

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