Hard to speek about sonore feelings, such the interpretations of one sound can be different.
Hard to describe the sound of amp, such exterior parameters can influence it: guitars, pedals...

But, it's easy to speek about VANFLET's sound.

Three years of analysis and research of the legends electrics schemes permits VANFLET to propose its first prototype in 2015.
Then, one year of tests with pros, and semi-pros, gave us the opportunity to apprehend the sound the new generations of musician were looking for: VANFLET'S sound.

VANFLET's sound, it's a clean and clear sound.
Aucun bruit parasite.No parasite sound inamp.
And above all, a highly faithfull sound, responsive to every guitars and pedals.
Sound experience with no exageration.


Clean for studio! Powerful for live!

We could speek about it for hours and we'd love to.




Nowadays musicians deserve more than yesterday material,

It's for this new generations than VANFLET decided to innovate.
Encounters with those musicians put in relief some industry codes that VANFLET erased.

Farewell, black vinyl which is just hidding wood poverty and bas conception details.

Bye bye heavy amps totally untransportable.

Tchus link emptines between the brand and the musician.

In a nutshell, bye 70's.

Welcome in 2017.

Create a unique amplifier  in a never experimented way!
Transport easily your material thanks to his lightness.
And most of it interact in its fabrication. 

It is time to give to the new generation of musician the musical material they deserve


Change the way we are making music is also one of VANFLET's challenge. 

VANFLET wants to be at every step of the musical production. From repetition to live, musicians experience will be shaken up. 



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