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Vanflet's first product was a guitar amp.
Our range now extends beyond our famous lightweight heads to encompass cabs, combos, bass rigs and even an ultra-portable micro-amp.

But, although we've incorporated updated features like easy-access metal cases, impedance switching and built-in fx loops, we've stayed true to the basics of rock'n'roll.

We rely on handwired tube circuitry to deliver our unique sound. Whether you've chosen a classic Prestige head or an innovative Ultraclean combo, you can be sure that your Vanflet will bring out every nuance of your playing... and add the "je ne sais quoi" that only a tube amp can provide.

Generation Serie

Most popular VANFLET's serie.
Those tube amps are also the most affordable of our range.
Very versatile, with a plug&play spirit.

You can choose the color of your futur amp between black, white, and red.
Guaranteed two years.



18 W Generation Head

Out of Stock

45 W Generation Head

Out of Stock

18W Generation Combo - Wood

Out of Stock


Generation Bass Head 100W

Out of Stock

Prestige Serie




This is the historical serie of VANFLET.

Created with professional musicians for so many years, this hand-wired serie is the figurehead of VANFLET.
You can also choose the color of one of the best amp in the world.

Of wait... weight of the 18W: 6,3 kg 

18 W Prestige Head


45 W Prestige Head

Out of Stock


Plug and Play combo with the cleanest sound on earth. Even at high level (30 W)

Ultra Clean Combo

Out of Stock


Combo Signature Yarol POUPAUD


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